Tips for Creating The Perfect Outdoor Space

Regardless of the type of home you have, almost any plain outdoor space can be turned into a great living space. Warm, inviting weather tends to make people want to spend more time outside, and outdoor living spaces can be ideal for this. The trick is in making the space work for you.
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Design Trends Reflect Living Life Outdoors

During the fall and winter season we tend to spend most of our time indoors, but when spring and summer roll around we want to enjoy the mild weather, sweet breeze and sunshine. Enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing comfort by designing your area just the way you like it. Here are some ways to take advantage of your outdoor space.
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Create An Attractive Garden Through Structure

There’s one in every neighborhood. A garden so lush and pretty that cars slow down as they pass by, a thriving mass of flowers and vegetables that miraculously has no bugs, rodents or weeds. Who are these perfect gardeners, and how do you get to be one of them?
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Defining The Perfect Outdoor Space

Outdoor spaces are growing in popularity as more people look at expanding their options for entertaining. Today’s outdoor spaces are more than chairs under a shade tree. They are outdoor rooms. A simple patio or small back yard can be turned into an outdoor showplace with a resort type of ambience. Creating a nice outdoor space can increase the value of your home since homebuyers often seek move-in ready properties to avoid investing time or money in landscaping.

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Reasons to Choose Wicker Furniture Over Other Outdoor Furniture.

When you’re going to buy outdoor furniture, you usually only have a handful of options to choose from for materials your furniture will be made from. Usually, those are: aluminum, steel, iron, wood, wicker, and plastic. Of those, each has its superiority, but only one generally exceeds the others while lacking in only one or two areas. What is it? Wicker. Yes, wicker.

For outdoor purposes you can obviously see why you would not want some form of metal or other conducting material. If you live in an area with even just one thunderstorm per year, the last thing you want is a material that will (a) hold heat or cold and (b) turn you and it into a lightening rod. Wood, like wicker, is ideal for outdoor purposes, but can come with significant initial and maintenance costs. And plastics, well, let’s just leave plastics as a last resort.

This only leaves wicker as an option for outdoor furniture. Why? Here’s why:

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