Reasons to Choose Wicker Furniture Over Other Outdoor Furniture.

When you’re going to buy outdoor furniture, you usually only have a handful of options to choose from for materials your furniture will be made from. Usually, those are: aluminum, steel, iron, wood, wicker, and plastic. Of those, each has its superiority, but only one generally exceeds the others while lacking in only one or two areas. What is it? Wicker. Yes, wicker.

For outdoor purposes you can obviously see why you would not want some form of metal or other conducting material. If you live in an area with even just one thunderstorm per year, the last thing you want is a material that will (a) hold heat or cold and (b) turn you and it into a lightening rod. Wood, like wicker, is ideal for outdoor purposes, but can come with significant initial and maintenance costs. And plastics, well, let’s just leave plastics as a last resort.

This only leaves wicker as an option for outdoor furniture. Why? Here’s why:

1. Wicker is Versatile.

Wicker doesn’t just have to be an outdoor furniture. Chances are that once you buy a set of wicker furniture, you can probably move it to almost any part of your home (given it is not “covered” in the elements) and have it still look in-place. Wicker is typically neutral in color and can fit into a wide variety of settings. And the look of wicker furniture can be drastically altered with just the simple addition of colored cushions and pillows.

2. Wicker Can Be Weatherproofed.

Wicker outdoor furniture is light, colorful, and porous—allowing air circulation. It is not naturally weatherproof. Rain, smoke, dust and sand can wear down the body of the sturdiest of wicker furniture in just a few short years if left ignored. However, with the right applications of wicker-safe paints, marine varnish, oils, and just generally covering or putting your furniture away, wicker furniture can last a lifetime.

3. Classic Beauty.

Wicker has been around since the Egyptians, and in modern society for centuries. It remains a leading choice today for people that love its style, its history, and the stories and conversations that can come up just from owning a piece of wicker furniture. Both wicker and rattan have an elegance to them that adds a touch of class to any living area. People immediately think of comfort and luxury when they see wicker.


4. You Can Repair Your Wicker.

Wicker, other than wood, is one of the few furniture types that you can actually repair yourself. With the right resources (replacement wicker fibers, wood glue, scissors and shears, etc), and depending on the damage, you can oftentimes repair your damaged wicker furniture yourself with a little bit of materials, a little bit of research, and a little bit of elbow grease. IF you need information to repair your wicker furniture check out this link.

5. Wicker is Durable.

Wicker seating can accommodate people of almost any weight. It also has the durability to stand up to a wide range of weather conditions, including extreme sun to heavy winds and some rains. Wicker also becomes even more durable when it’s waterproofed and can withstand almost any weather barrage short of a torrential deluge.

6. Lightweight

Most furniture is extraordinarily heavy once you get to the larger pieces, and requires several people to move it. However, with wicker this is not the case. Wicker is lightweight, several times lighter than any other material, and can virtually be moved by one’s self without the aid of anybody else.

7. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Do you own a vacuum, a duster, some different sized bristle brushes, and a cloth you can make damp with water or a soft cleaning solution? Then you have all it takes to keep your wicker clean throughout its life.

So in conclusion, wicker may not be the strongest or most resilient of materials to have your outdoor furniture be made of. However, wicker is proven time and again to hold its own in all other areas, like ease of cleaning and maintenance. It also carries with it a rustic and vintage beauty that comes with it, even when brand new.

It can also serve dual purposes in many locations including indoors and outdoors, and be moved with ease. All-in-all, wicker is a top choice for getting outdoor furniture that will not only look good and be easy to maintain, but will last throughout the year with minor effort and upkeep.

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